Concept Map Maker

A creative concept map maker that helps you brainstorm concepts, outline sub-topics, and visualize relationships between concepts. Make great-looking concept maps in minutes by starting from templates.

Professional Designer

Concept Map Maker

If you're looking for something more exquisite, Edraw allows you to customize design elements on the canvas and share them on any platform in any way. Go green by using our concept map generator. It is a paperless office strategy. You can quickly drag shapes to the canvas, connect shapes, and create a complete concept map in minutes. Even novice users can acquire professional-looking maps.

To know more about concept map diagram, please refer to complete concept map diagram guide page for more detailed information.

System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows

Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Functions of Edraw Concept Map Makers

You can easily manage the following operations with Edraw concept map maker.

1. Make Your Map. Drag and drop the shapes to represent ideas. Use connector to connect them automatically. Apply a suitable theme to enhance the color, line and fill instantly. All are simple and fast.

2. Beautify Your Map. Add some clipart to make them more visualized. With a background, it looks more attractive. You can also make it more outstanding with highlight shapes or creative shapes.

3. Print Your Map. Click File tab and then select "Print". Preview the map to check if the settings are suitable.

4. Present Your Map. Enlarge your map or turn on full screen view (won't change layout or clarity). Take a screen shot of your map. You can even edit the map in full screen view so that your presentation can be smoother.

5. Share Your Map. Transform the diagram into PDF, Word or PowerPoint format. Even those without Edraw Viewer can see your work. Attach a copy to your report. Email the diagram to a friend.

6. Evolve Your Map. Think about it. Obsess over it. Get some feedback. Improve it. Get it just right.

Smart Concept Map Symbols

All necessary shapes to draw concept map have been prepared in advance. Their smart features are as follows: selection handles, control points, flexible text box, vector format and connection points. Refer to article Concept Map Symbols for more details.

Concept Map Symbols

Ready-made Concept Map Examples

Take a look at our marvelous templates and examples. You can get a jump start with them. Just replace the contents with your own data. Of course, you can also customize them by applying another theme or background or change it your way.

A marketing strategy concept map template is available in vector format, which will greatly facilitate your own designs.

Concept Map Template 2

One more example is offered for your reference. You can always opt for another theme to apply a brand new look for the map.

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