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Posted by James Freeman | 06/25/2021
Use the built-in brochure templates to create and present your flyers, brochures, leaflets, certificate in minutes. Best Business Brochure and Flyer Design Software that is professional, quick and easy. With one brochure in hands, have everything under control.

To be persuasive, you have got to be innovative and impressive.

If you're making a brochure, you are probably trying to persuade others to take action: to get involved in the environmental protection, exercise more, donate to charity, buy your product or support a political candidate. You need to manage your time and resources for maximum effect. So, superior quality labels and flyers or brochures with innovative and attractive designing elements are needed. They have to be impressive at the first glance to be persuasive. Edraw takes care of beautiful design and lets you focus on connecting with others. Try the Edraw brochure templates to check it out.

Edraw Max has the tools to make it easy to create professional-looking flyers, brochures, leaflets and certificates from Templates. It lets you create all kinds of business flyers then print, share them directly with your clients. Easily create a professional quality brochure quark template or flyer for your small business in minutes. It allows links and images. It can also export to PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Graphics.

Edraw Top Features

* Ease of Use
At the first glance, you can know what to do and how to do it because of the dynamic help and detailed user guide within examples. The intuitive user interface and the ready-made matching templates allow even novice to master the whole process without any serious efforts.

* Practical Tools
Versatile brochure maker supports features to design effective cards and labels with beautiful background and catchy colors and gradient. Inbuilt practical designing tools like oval, arc, pencil, line, text, images and business scenes can also be applied to design preferred brochures. You can delete any object, align, move or resize it. Support for undo, redo, copy and paste is also available.

* Press-ready Output
Our software facilitates to print large number of brochures and flyers in negligible time without requiring any extra utility. Users can print their drawings in required shapes and sizes like oval, star, rectangle, rounded and polygon.

* Free Trial Version
Users can download demo version of brochure design software from our company websites to check features and capabilities before buying full version.

*Free Technology Support
Expert mentoring we offer reduces time of adaptation and maximizes return on design investment.

With a combination of practical approaches to brochure design, ease of use and press-ready results, Edraw fully deserves the honor of top-ranking business brochure design software.

Flyer Software

Free Download Flyer Design Software and View All Examples

Start to Create a Brochure

Click here to download Brochure Software. Then you can use the built-in brochure templates instead of starting in a blank screen, to create and present your flyers, brochures, leaflets and certificates instantly.

Brochure Design Example

On the start page, you can choose the exact Brochure Template you need in the Business Form category. Sales template lets you create great-looking brochures quickly with its built-in symbol elements.

Flyer Design Example

Flyer - Block Style

Flyer Design Template

You can change the background color, line color of all the symbols. You can modify the border style and font, too. It's also easy to insert your company logo or other symbols.

How to Create Invoice

Create Fax Cover Sheet

Create Sales Form

Create Business Card

Easy Software to Make a Flyer

Easy Software to Make a Leaflet

Invoice Examples

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