Free Editable and Printable Mind Map Templates

A large collection of mind map templates are available to choose and use. Create mind maps as fast as possible with editable templates.

Available Mind Map Templates

Dozens of mind map templates are readily available to help you clarify thoughts, visualize ideas and boost creativity. Download and use them if suitable. Customize the contents, layout or background to make it personalized. Have a look at some examples firstly.

Decrease Stress Mindmap
Motivation Mind Map
Market Research Examples
Tonsillitis Mindmap
Right One Mind Map
Market Research Examples

How to Find a Mind Map Template

It is easy to find a template in Edraw. After you start Edraw, you can see a search box under the toolbar. Type in mind map and click the search button. All of the embedded mind map templates in the program will be shown. Only a small portion of Edraw's templates are contained in the software. Many more are uploaded online. For all mind map templates, visit Free Mind Maps Templates. You can also learn How to Create a Mind Map.

How to Modify a Mind Map Template

The simplest and fastest way to create a mind map is to get started from a template. Edraw makes it even simpler and faster by offering advanced tools of diagramming.

  1. Auto Generation: All mind map shapes have 1 floating quick buttons. 1 easy click on it generates a new shape. The newly added shapes are automatically connected, aligned and distributed, saving a lot of time and effort.
  2. Click Floating Button
  3. Auto Relocation: Every time you add, delete or move a shape, others shapes will relocate themselves smartly to the right position. Compared with hand drawing, this saves a lot of time spent on adjusting and connecting shapes again and again.
  4. Auto Re-arrangement: You can re-arrange all shapes easily to form a new style. This is difficult to do if the mind map is drawn by hand. In Edraw, you can rearrange the whole mind map any time you want, with 1 click. Go to Mind Map tab. Click on the arrangement direction you like. Everything moves smoothly to the right position, leaving no trace of modifications.
  5. arrangement direction of mind map

  6. Text tool: All shapes are designed with text boxes. Double click the shape to type in your own contents. The smart mind map shapes will enlarge or shrink automatically according to the text.
  7. Themes: one click on the mind map theme changes font, color, line and fill style all together at once.
  8. Backgrounds: Just drag and drop your preferable background to replace the default one.

Features of Edraw's Mind Map Templates

Generally, these templates are ready-to-use and editable, printable and shareable. To be more specific, Edraw's visual mind map templates are characterized by:

  1. High quality. All templates are professionally designed as presentation-quality. All in popular vector format. All are highly artistic blend of color, text and imaging.
  2. Large in number. Users can gain over 30 Mind Map templates to get started instantly. Edraw team keeps expanding the templates collection every day.
  3. Rich in styles. You can choose from a wide variety of templates, simple or complex, with or without clipart. It is all up to you.
  4. Easily editable. All templates are editable since they are created with smart vector shape. The basic mind map shapes include floating quick buttons that support point-and-click editing. New shapes can be generated automatically by only clicking on the floating quick button, perfectly connected, aligned and spaced.
  5. Flexibly compatible with other programs. One template can be exported into many other formats (pdf, docx, pptx, jpg, ong, svg and so on). This enables easier data sharing and information communication at any platform.

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