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Get a quick and full understanding of Kurt Lewin's Force Field Analysis, a powerful strategic tool used to analyze all of the forces impacting the change and weighing the pros and cons.

According to its developer, Kurt Lewin, Force Field Analysis comes to use when "An issue is held in balance by the interaction of two opposing sets of forces – those seeking to promote change (driving forces) and those attempting to maintain the status (restraining forces)."

Definition of Force Field Analysis

Forece Field Analysis Template

Force Field Analysis is a method for listing and evaluating the forces for and against an situation. It helps you analyze all of the forces that have an influence on the current situation. Human behavior is caused by forces – beliefs, expectations, cultural norms, etc. Some of these forces are positive, pushing us forward, and some of these forces are negative, preventing us from achieving a setted goal. A force field analysis diagram demonstrates these driving forces and restraining forces that would influence a problem. A force field diagram can be used in all kinds of situations that occur in life from different points of view.

Example for Force Field Analysis

Here is one excellent example for Force Field Analysis:

Here is an example for a basic Force Field Analysis Diagram created by Edraw. As shown in this picture, when creating a diagram for force field analysis, list the driving forces and restraining forces, then come up with a solution after comparison. Click to view more force field analysis examples.

Basic Forece Field Analysis Diagram

Tip: Types of Forces that Need to be Considered

1. Social or Organizational Trends
2. Attitudes of People
3. Regulations and Rules
4. Personal or Group Interest
5. Costs and Prices
6. Organization Policies
7. Time Required
8. Potential Risks
9. Consequences of Failure

Force Field Analysis Can be Use to:

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