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Spelling Check


The Spelling Check function of Edraw Project helps you diagnose spelling mistakes and offer suggestions for correct spellings.

  1. Go to Home tab and click the Spelling Check button spelling check button.
  2. If there are mistakes in your file, the Spelling Check dialogue will show up. It will show all recommended spellings for you to choose.
  3. Choose one of the suggestions and click Accept, or Ignore if the word is not wrong.
  4. Once you click the Accept or Ignore, it will jump to the next spelling mistake, and repeat until there are no mistakes.
  5. For the word which is correct but not in the dictionary, you can click Add to Dictionary, so that it won’t be treated as a wrong word next time.
spelling check dialogue


Up to 5 languages can be checked in Edraw Project including English (for GB and for USA versions), German, French, Italian, and Spanish. You can change a dictionary before start.

spelling check dictionary
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