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Obtenez des réponses rapides et des instructions étape par étape.

Right Side Panel

The Right Side Panel consists of three tabs in total: Tasktask icon , Projectproject icon and Linklink icon .

  1. Task
  2. In the Task Information section, you can view and adjust the overall information of a selected task such as task name, priority, progress, start and end date etc.

    In the Assign Resources section, you can edit resources information and assign resources to a selected task.

    task panel
  3. Project
  4. In Project Information section, you can quickly go through the basic information of your current project, including the project name, start and end date, duration, baseline cost, total cost and residual cost.

    project panel
  5. Link
  6. In the Link section, you can create relationships between tasks. The “relationship” is also called “dependency”, that is “the start of a task is dependent upon the compeytion of a prior task”. For example, only when Task 1 is finished can you start Task 2. In this case, Task 1 is a Predecessor of Task 2, and Task 2 is a Successor of Task 1.

    link panel
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