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How to Add a Text Block?

You can add a text block anywhere on the canvas.

Click the Text button in the Home tab and the cursor will become draw text block cursor

Then you can draw a text block on the canvas with your mouse and type in the textbox directly.

text block button
add a text block

After you finish typing, click Select button to switch back to Arrow cursor, then you can move the text block to the place you want.

select button
move a text block

How to Change Size, Color and Style of Font?

You can set Font options either from the right sidebar or from the floating menu.

The Right Sidebar locates on the right side of the canvas.

font panel

When you select a text block, the floating menu will show up. It is one of the most frequently-used tools.

text block floating menu

How to Change Text Alignment and Spacing?

You can change the alignment and spacing of the text in Font panel on the right sidebar.

alignment spacing option

How to Add Bullet Points to Text?

You can add bullet points to the text from the Font menu on the right sidebar.

bullet point option

How to Add Curved Text?

To add a curved text, you can follow the 5 steps:

  1. Draw a text block and type text in the block.
  2. draw a text block
  3. Click Text on path button on the floating menu.
  4. text on path button
  5. Choose a pre-defined curve style.
  6. pre-defined curve styles
  7. Move the yellow control handles to adjust the curve.
  8. adjust curve
  9. Click the mouse on any blank space of the canvas, the curve indication line will disappear.
  10. finish curving text
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