Decision Tree Software for Linux- Best Solution to Create Decision Tree

This Linux Decision Tree Software is a smart choice to draw decision tree diagrams with its existing free templates and examples.

Decision Tree Software for Linux - Overview

Decision trees are commonly used in operations research, specifically in decision analysis, This great Linux Decision Tree Software will help you design decision tree diagrams as you need. Its various pre-made templates and examples enable you to get started quickly. Besides, those templates and examples are all editable. You can edit and customize your own awesome diagrams. Once the diagram finished, you are also able to print it,

decision tree software for linux

Simply Free Download This Decision Tree Drawing Program and Create Decision Tree Diagrams on Linux:

Download Mac Version Windows Version Linux Version

System Requirements

Compatible with Linux system including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, OpenSUSE, Mint, Knoppix, RedHat, Gentoo and More.

Why This Linux Decision Tree Software Is Your First Choice

  1. A huge number of ready-made decision tree templates and examples are available for you to create decision tree diagrams in minutes.
  2. A set of standard graphic symbols and conventions for describing elements.
  3. Easy to add pictures and text content to the design. It also supports inserting your local images to the diagrams.
  4. Various theme options for you to change the diagram theme in one click.
  5. Support to export, share your work in multiple formats ( pdf, doc, pptx, etc.).

Decision Tree Symbols

This program offers many decision tree symbols including decision mode node, chance event node, endpoints, branches of alternatives, rejected alternative, outcome, utility, etc. Those vector symbols are also editable. You can edit, resize it. All symbols in this software do you a great favor to create professional and accurate decision tree diagrams.

Decision Tree Diagram Symbols

Basic Guide to Create A Decision Tree on Linux

Following are some simple steps to create a decision tree diagram on Linux:

  1. Open a decision tree drawing page. Go to"File" menu > "Project Management". Double click "Decision Tree" to open a blanking drawing page or you can select an existing example to start drawing.
  2. Add decision tree shapes. Drag and drop decision tree symbols from the left library to the drawing page.
  3. Add decision tree branches. Drag a branch and approach the blue X mark appearing on the shape, when it turns into a red mark , release your mouse, and the branch is automatically glued to the shape
  4. Enter text. Double click the shape to insert text.
  5. Save or export the decision tree diagram. Click "Save" on "File" tab to save the file as the default eddx format, or choose "Save as" on "File tab" to save as other formats such as jpg, png, pdf, html, ppt, etc.

Ultimate guide: how to create a decision tree diagram.

Decision Tree Examples

Some decision tree diagram examples as follow are created by our Linux decision tree diagram design software. You can free download, edit, share and print them.

Top Down Decision Tree Example

Top Down Decision Tree Example

Software Choosing Decision Tree Example

Software Choosing Decision Tree Diagram Example

Friends Visiting Decision Tree Example

Friends Visiting Decision Tree Example

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