What's New in MindMaster
Find the newly added or fixed features and functions of MindMaster in the latest version released.
MindMaster V6.3
1. Added Fishbone layout.
2. Added Winding Timeline, Horizontal Timeline and Vertical Timeline layout.
3. The width of topic box can be adjusted by dragging the right-side border.
2. Added collapsed and expanded function in presentation mode.
3. Improved note function. Notes can be pinned on anywhere of the canvas, and when it's pinned, it can be exported, printed or presented.
4. Added the image fill feature to fully fill a topic box with only an image.
6. Support to insert relative hyperlinks.
7. Added the feature to simultaneously set text fonts for peer topics together at once.
8. Optimized part of theme styles.
9. Fixed the bugs of the Drill feature.
10. Improved part of keyboard shortcuts.
11. Added new theme styles and examples for mind maps, fishbones, and timelines.
MindMaster V6.0
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