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A versatile cross-platform mind mapping tool.
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Posted by James Freeman | 12/23/2019
With its powerful drawing capabilities Edraw can be used by people, working in different fields: IT specialists, software developers, engineers, managers, teachers.

The product is recommended to managers, designers, network specialists, programmers, teachers and scientists.

Edraw Max Flash Screen

You can use Edraw to create all kinds of diagrams, flowchart, mind map, database schemes, process schemes, business processes, organization charts, network diagrams, formulas and schemes of math calculating processes, logo and graphics and so on.

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How can I tell what each library is for

Edraw comes with many library shapes for different tasks. There are libraries for organization charts, libraries for flowchart, libraries for computer networks and software interfaces. The libraries contain ready-made shapes, which you can use in your drawings. It provides over a hundred drawing types and thousands of shapes, some simple, some quite complex. Each template serves a different purpose ranging from flowcharts plans to computer networks.

The easiest way to find out about the libraries and what they are for is to browse through the Getting Started window. This article shows you how to open the Getting Started window and where to look for the description of each library.

When Edraw opens, all you need to work with is the one titled drawing types.

Tips: If you already have Edraw open, on the Edraw Main Button, point to New, and then click Choose Drawing Type....

In the Template Categories list, choose a category. All of the Templates in the category appear in the central window.

Click the Basic Flowchart thumbnail. A larger image of the template is displayed on the right. Under the list of the Template Categories, there is a brief description of what this template is used for.

brief description of basic flowchart

All of the templates available in Edraw can be found in the Getting Started window. It also allows you to create your own libraries, for your specific purposes.

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