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What is a Floor Plan? - Basic Concepts

Generally, a floor plan is a kind of drawing with scale sizes that display the positions of rooms, equipment and furniture viewed from above. Floor plans are commonly used by designers or architects as a visual tool to check if the room space fits well for the original purpose before moving in. Feel free to click on the image below for more details.

apartment floor plan layout

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A typical floor plan has the following basic elements:

In early days, architects usually use the schematic drawings skill to create floor plans with pencils. Later, as the introduction of the scheme, designers can be able to insert more floor plan details. In modern times, architects prefer to use digital software to do their construction projects. Today, non-professional users with just limited skills can easily create floor plans based on preset auto-create features, templates and symbols with much fun.

Why Floor Plans are Important?

Overall, the use of floor plans can achieve a better visual presentation than just showing photos. According to marketing researches, this indeed helps to gain reputation from real estate buyers. More floor plan benefits are:

Any Floor Plan Limitations?

Although floor plan can display the general layout of your space, it doesn't show adequate details about constructing a home in real life. Therefore, designers or architects consider floor plans are the only conceptual starting point. Engineers or construction project managers usually require more complex blueprints or drawings with more technical information that covering electrical and plumbing plans, or elevation drawings. This can help clients to make better decisions and save more unnecessary cost.

Popular Types of Floor Plans

Floor plans cover many sub-categories in reality, but have the following main categories. You can click on any of these templates to see more or download for free.

Home Plan

A home plan, or sometimes called a house plan, is a series of construction drawings that determine the overall building specifications of a residential home including layouts, built-in installations and resources etc.

colored home plan template

Office Layout

Office layout shows the place where your employees perform and interact with each other.

colored office layout

There are many sub-types in the office layout category to support various work styles and organizational cultures:

Seating Plan

Normally, a seating plan indicates where the audience should take their seats in what pattern. It easily distinguishes guests or differentiates passengers between various ticket categories. Seating plans can be used in many cases such as the formal meeting or dinner event; the order of a film in a cinema or thether as shown in the below floor plan template; the order of airplanes and more.

theater seating plan

Garden Design

It is about the process of designing and generating plans for the planting and landscapes of gardens. A good garden design usually involves an enjoyable experience of being connected with nature.

house garden design plan

Fire and Emergency Plan

This type shows the evacuation plan of a set of actions that need to be taken by staff in the event of the fire or some other related emergency cases. High fire risks can be avoided if fire action signs are clearly shown and instructions are provided.

fire and emergency plan template

More Free Floor Plan Templates

The following free floor plan templates show you more resources of home plans, office layout plans and so on. All of these are editable with the free download easy floor plan software. Feel free to click on any of them to see more details.

small hotel plan Hotel Fire Escape Plan Landscape Design Template
Small Hotel Plan Hotel Fire Escape Plan Landscape Design Template
Restaurant seating plan fire evacuation plan neighborhood landscape design
Restaurant Seating Plan Fire Evacuation Plan neighborhood landscape design

How to Draw a Floor Plan

Simply do the follow essential steps to create a solid floor plan whether you are using what kinds of drawing tools such as pencils, pens or floor plan design software:

1. Select a Location - Decide the area that you want to target; Consider how many rooms or floors you need and how large the overall size and shape it would be.

2. List Key Factors - Make a thorough list of the needs and requirements that you think is important.

3. Measure Elements - Measure elements including the walls, doors, windows, pertinent furniture, the electrical outlets, architectural features and fireplaces etc.

4. Draw the Overall Structure - Add walls, doors and floors for the building.

5. Add More Features - Insert equipment like the refrigerator, dishwasher, dryer, and other important appliances that must be placed in a specific location. Also add furniture if needed.

6. Evaluate and Double-Check - Carefully check out your floor plan again by considering any usable space, privacy, and accessibility etc. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Your Floor Plan

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