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Edraw offers you a number of ready-made WBS diagram templates which you can reuse and redesign to improve the project planning process.
A WBS diagram is a hierarchical representation of the elements and sub-elements in a project. It can be easily created from blank WBS Diagram templates in Edraw Max software.

WBS Diagram Templates

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Here is one more work breakdown structure. It divides the software development and implementation into 5 smaller tasks. You can move and edit the shapes freely and the connector will stay connected to the shapes, unless you delete them.

WBS of Software Development

It is easier to use Mind Map Shapes to create WBS diagram automatically with numbering

Arrangement Direction = Bottom, Check Numbering option, you can even export the WBS into MS Word.

Create WBS diagram automatically

Mind Map

Top-Down Diagram

Work Breakdown Structure Software

Work Breakdown Stucture Software for Linux

Value Stream Mapping

WBS of R&D Department Examples and Templates

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