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Posted by James Freeman | 05/25/2021

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is highly known for being the essentially important step of getting any work projects up from the grounds. That's one of the reasons for this complete and user-friendly, and beginner-friendly guide to getting you informed on everything around the Work Breakdown Structure. So, you can easily create your own and ace any project you might be working on.

Because of its importance and complexity, the work breakdown structure can be complicated and confusing to beginners who are new to project management. Despite the name, you do not break down your work or task. The work breakdown structure does not involve that. It involves deliverables and breaking them down in a way that will make your job easier and simple. That is why it's important to know what it is before learning how to create one.

1: What is Work Breakdown Structure?

A work breakdown structure (WBS) is essential for the deconstruction of any project. It provides visuals for the project, offers to work through the deliverables and is entirely hierarchical. A work breakdown structure (WBS) is beneficial for the project management team and project managers. It gives them the freedom to design their work in a way that allows them to prioritize the deliverables and the tasks of the project that can lead them to have a successful project.

A work breakdown structure (WBS) outlines all the steps of the projects in great detail in an organizational chart. That makes it one of the most critical management tools for managing, scheduling and planning the steps for the project. The final task deliverables lie on the top of the work breakdown structure diagram, followed by the tasks and deliverables of the projects subdivided to complete the project.

2: Purpose and benefit

The primary purpose and benefit of the work breakdown structure (WBS) are that it defines,outlines and organizes the necessary work properly. It allows speedy development of the project by scheduling the tasks by levels and estimating its efforts in working with specific groups. Not only this, but there are also many more benefits of WBS that are listed below.

  • It works with the fast improvement of a timetable by allotting exertion assessments to explicit segments of the Work Breakdown Structure.
  • it tends to be utilized to distinguish potential extension chances if it has a branch that isn't distinct
  • it gives a visual of the whole extension
  • it tends to be used to determine correspondence focuses
  • it provides a visual of effects when deliverables are falling behind
  • it tends to be used to show and appoint accountabilities and obligations
  • it can show control focuses and achievements
  • it gives an approach to gauges project costs
  • it guarantees no significant deliverables are neglected
  • it can help with the asset portion
  • it provides a demonstrated and repeatable way to deal with arranging
  • offers an apparatus with an apparatus to group conceptualizing and joint providers.
  • It gives a chance to connect with the group and cause them to feel put into the arrangement.

3: The levels of Work Breakdown Structure

A work breakdown structure diagram helps immensely in project management by cutting down the complex work, taking down projects and scope for a successful and manageable career. In WBS, the levels are created to design the deliverables and tasks for the project so it can go smoothly by planning, monitoring and checking the implementation of the project. There are four kinds of levels in work breakdown structure that are defined below:

  1. The Top Level: This level of Work breakdown structure is the project title. Because under this, all the deliverables and project tasks are mentioned.
  2. Controls Account: It is the central part of the WBS as the main phases of the project, tasks, systems, and deliverables come under this level.
  3. Work Packages: These levels work together to make the control accounts. It involves some tasks that will lead the project to the controls account level.
  4. Activities: All the tasks that need to be done to complete the project.

4: The Types of Work Breakdown Structure

There are three types of WBS, which are as follows:

  1. Deliverable-based: the most common type of WBS defines the relationship between the deliverables, tasks, and scope of the project at hand.
  2. Responsibility-based: Depends on the working organization units of the project elements.
  3. phase-based: outlines and prioritize the final deliverables of the project at the top.

5: The Elements of Work Breakdown Structure

  • Dictionary of WBS: A report that characterizes the different components of the WBS. It's a significant segment of a WBS since it permits the project members and partners to comprehend the stages, deliverables and work bundles with greater transparency.
  • Task Number and Description: Giving each task a number makes it simple to distinguish them. A portrayal will help characterize the task, giving guidance for the group when it's an ideal opportunity to execute it.
  • The Owner of the Task: The proprietor is the individual, association or office who directs the task from task to finishing and guarantees that it has been appropriately executed.
  • Dependency of the Task: Some of the tasks on the way to the last deliverable should stand by until another task is done or begun before they can start. This is known as a "task dependency" and requires connecting the two ward tasks to stay away from slippage later in the project.
  • Task Cost: Every task will have an expense related to it. You'll need to take note of that to monitor your financial plan.
  • Start, Finish and Estimated Completion of Task: Add the beginning and finish dates for each task, and gauge the time you have on your timetable to execute it.
  • Status of the Task: The task will show if it's doled out, in progress, late or complete, which assists with following.

6: What to do Before Creating Work Breakdown Structure?

The initial step to making a work breakdown structure is to unite the group. Regardless of whether your group is all working nearby or distantly, it is fundamental for the individuals to recognize the sub deliverables.

You will likewise have to gather these vital archives to start the advancement of the WBS: the project sanction, the project issue proclamation or degree definition, all relevant agreement and understanding documentation, and the current project the executives practice measures at your association.

A robust work breakdown construction ought to contain every one of the accompanying components or segments:

  • A project vision explanation
  • Characterized project stages that rely upon the project size
  • A rundown of tasks with deliverables

To start making a Work breakdown Structure, characterize level one, the principal deliverable of the project. Continuously attempt to describe what's needed in the past level in however much detail as could reasonably be expected before moving to the following levels.

  1. Decide and depict the project explanation.
  2. Feature every one of the essential periods of the project
  3. Make and rundown the deliverables (just as how achievement will be estimated)
  4. Separation of the deliverables into sensible tasks
  5. Allot each part and guarantee every proprietor is engaged to convey

7: How to make Work Breakdown Structure in EdrawMax?

Before you begin making a WBS, you should have all the details of the project you are working on. Presently, follow these simple steps to make the WBS with EdrawMax,

open another drawing page

Step 2: go on the left side of the drawing page. You will get multiple options for the images and shapes you might want to add to the diagram.

add to the diagram

Step 3: Then, drag the primary task table to begin drawing your WBS diagram. It would be best if you pulled it from the library. You will get five unique plans for the task table.

Step 4: You can add or erase sections or columns. You can spill the lines and set lines, edges from the contact devices in the Ribbon.

Step 5: Once you are happy with what you have before you. You can download it in any structure, be it graphic, HTML, or PDF and so on your PC.

save the work


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8: Tips for making Work Breakdown Structure

To have a good WBS, you need to remember to incorporate the following tips to have a successful project at your hands.

  • WBS Defined by those managing job on the project
  • Incorporates the total work characterized by the extension, catching all deliverables as far as the work that should be finished
  • Describes the project, depicts the work and project scope obviously
  • Made in a diagram, delineation or blueprint design
  • Orchestrates deliverables in a hierarchical format
  • Contains at any rate two levels.
  • Utilizes things or descriptive words and stays away from the utilization of action words
  • It is versatile, taking into consideration persistent improvement.

9: Examples

At the highest point of the work breakdown structure is your last deliverable (in this occurrence, the development project). Promptly underneath that is the following phase of deliverables, which are the primary tasks needed to finish the project.

These five stages of the project are the commencement, arranging, execution, control and closeout, which have a massive part of the principle deliverable at the top. Once concluded, they are then separated into a progression of tasks. For instance, the inception stage incorporates site assessment work and making the project sanction.

work breakdown structure

Source: projectmanager.com

WBS of Software Development

It is easier to use Mind Map Shapes to create WBS diagram automatically with numbering

Create WBS diagram automatically

Arrangement Direction = Bottom, Check Numbering option, you can even export the WBS into MS Word.

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