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Posted by Pemala Pfeiffer | 07/20/2021

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Creating vocabulary graphic organizer with free templates and examples. Vocabulary graphic organizer has never been easier.

Vocabulary graphic organizers are visual maps in displaying key elements of a vocabulary, such as definition, part of speech, affix, synonyms, and anonyms. Usually it's a bank chart for students to fill out the details, so that students can understand and remember a new word easily.

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer Software

Vocabulary Graphic Organizer Maker

Edraw makes it easy to create vocabulary graphic organizers using pre-made shapes and straightforward drawing interface. It gives you libraries of pre-made shapes and graphics for building eye-catching graphic organizers. You can choose which shape to use (or draw a custom shape), apply colors, insert pictures, and arrange the elements to a style you like. It's absolutely the most powerful yet easy to use graphic organizer maker.

Vocabulary Study Graphic Organizer Example

Click this picture to view the bigger image and download the original file. You can find more Vocabulary Study Graphic Organizer templates.

Flower Vocabulary Chart

A unique design of vocabulary graphic organizer that can increase students' study interests, which is suitable for younger students.

Blank Word Map

Download this blank word map and use it in your vocabulary or reading class.

Vocabulary Learning Graphic Organizer Example

Vocabulary Learning Graphic Organizer Example

This graphic organizer present the definition, synonyms, phrases and usage of a new word. It also shows a tip to remember the new word, quite useful.


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