Visualization Strategies for Students

Edraw visualized diagrams are ideal for easing study by breaking down main ideas into smaller topics which are easier to understand and memorize. By visualizing information and knowledge, students can remember them longer and put them into use more flexibly.

On one hand, knowledge is power and learning is infinite. On the other hand, without proper methods and strategies, you may only get half effect with double effort. Edraw diagrams offer a visual way to arouse your interests and increase your efficiency, leading double effect with half effort. Let's see how students can apply Edraw in learning from several perspectives.

Simplify Ideas Visually

Be it literal art or science, a structurized diagram can simplify complicated concept, theory and phenomenon for its nature of showing structure and visualization. Edraw also allows you to go through the process of learning while you are constructing a diagram. For example, when learning geography, you can understand the water cycle at a glance with this diagram. Some tree charts on geography are available here.

Water Cycle

You can click the picture to download its PDF and editable format.

Enlarge Vocabulary with Edraw

Wherever you are from, you can benefit from a larger vocabulary since self-expression and communication abilities are vital factors for success. Especially for those students majoring in language, accumulating more words and phrases is or great significance. Use Edraw to diverge your thoughts. Link all related information about a new words together then you can gain deep understanding about it. For more resources about English learning, refer to these articles: Tree Charts: Easy and Happy English Learning; Alphabet Worksheet Examples and Templates.

Learning a New Word

Manage Time in Visual and Smart Calendar

Efficient learning requires effective time management. Schedule your things to do every day enabling you to gain higher productivity. With Edraw, you have obtained a number of ways to arrange time properly.

1. Use Calendar

Month Calendar of Classes

2. Use Mind Map

Time Management Brainstorming

3. Use Fishbone Diagram

Time Management Fishbone

Write Infographic Essay

Writing an essay may be daunting and time-consuming. Creating a diagram or chart of the points a student needs to explain, helps to organize thoughts into a cohesive whole and also serves as a checklist to make sure that all points are included in the essay. Putting these diagrams and charts into the essay makes it catchy and persuasive. Learn more about How to Improve Your Essay Writing through infographics.

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