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User Story - Visualization Makes Life Easier and Funnier

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Posted by James Freeman | 11/29/2019
A real story about how visualization can make life easier and funnier.

Introduction to Visualization

Visualization can benefit people's life in many aspects. Its ability to structure information in an intuitive way help people understand and retain information easily, making work, study and entertainment effective, funny, enjoyable.

In regard to this issue, we would like to tell our user, Jessica Smith story. She has been so kind as to share his experiences.

User Story

Mrs. Smith is a housewife taking care of 3 children. She is busy with housework everyday, cooking, cleaning, buying the daily necessities and taking children to school. And she still persists to examine her children's homework after dinner.

She told us that she often take advantage of edraw's amazing visuals to simplify her housework. Edraw's visualization function has made her life easier and funnier. For example, she often has trouble in remembering all things she needs to do. So she uses Edraw's list diagram maker to make to do list and shopping list. She said that, "In this way, the list is beautiful, interesting and more helpful than my handwritten one. If I stick it on the fridge, it can even serve as a decoration."

To-do List Template

To-do List Template

Shopping List Template

Shopping List

Mrs. Smith has always wanted to make learning more enjoyable for her kids. One of her best solutions is to create pictorial visuals like flashcard or worksheets. She said, "I have downloaded all flashcard and worksheets Edraw offers and that is not enough. I often create such materials myself with my kids. Edraw really helps me a lot with the abundant premade shapes since I am really bad at drawing and painting. My kids really enjoy the process. They like to drag and drop the clipart, and then combine them to form a beautiful picture. It is great that children can learn and enjoy at the same time." See another user's story about teaching with creative visual diagrams.

Vehicle Flash Card Venn Animal Worksheet Flag Flash Card
Alphabet Worksheet Color Worksheet Weather Worksheet

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