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Don't know if you need to update to Vista or not?

> Edraw Example > Don't know if you need to update to Vista or not?
Posted by James Freeman | 01/27/2021
An examples of Vista update flowchart - Use this decide flowchart to help you decide if an upgrade is right for you.
With the launch of Windows Vista, many people are wondering if they should upgrade their computers to the new operating system. We're dedicated to offering sound technical advice to businesses and home users, so we've created the windows Vista upgrade decision flowchart.

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Vista Upgrade Decision Flowchart

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Windows Vista Reviews

A lot of reviews and opinions and even suggestions on whether you should upgrade and migrate to Windows Vista or not, together with what to look out for should you decided to do so. So is Windows Vista sucks? Or is it a must have? Or is IE7 sucks? And is it value for money?

New York Times thinks that Vista wins on looks, its more intelligent navigation and more powerful file-manipulation tools provide you with greater efficiency from Day 1. And while the more secure plumbing doesn't guarantee a virus-free future, it will certainly make life more difficult for the sociopath of the Internet. However, moving to Vista means hunting for updated drivers for your printer, audio card and so on, not to mention troubleshooting incompatible programs. It also means some relearning, thanks to features that Microsoft has moved or removed. But, it doesn't matter what you (or tech reviewers) think of Windows Vista; sooner or later, it's what most people will have on their PCs. In that light, it's fortunate that Vista is better looking, better designed and better insulated against the annoyances of the Internet. At the very least, it's well equipped to pull the world's PCs along for the next five years - or whenever the next version of Windows drops down the chimney.

PC Magazine gives Windows Vista editor's rating of 3.5 stars out of possible 5, and concludes that Vista is good-in some respects very good-but not spectacular. Call it a nice-to-have product rather than a must-have. If you're buying a new consumer PC this spring, it probably makes sense to get Vista. If you've already got a PC running Windows XP smoothly, it's harder to see a reason to upgrade right away. You can wait until you replace your machine, or at least a few months, until Vista's kinks are worked out. For business customers, it makes sense to start evaluating Vista now, particularly since improved deployment, management, and security could lead to significant cost reductions in the long term. But you'll want to be confident about compatibility and support before you make the transition en masse.


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