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Versatile Toolkit for Tremendous Presentation

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 06/29/2021

Enrich, Enhance and Empower Your Presentation

No matter what kind of presentation you want to create, Edraw helps you have tremendous slideshows with beautiful PowerPoint templates, vector clip arts and smart shapes and a lot more.

Benefits of Good Presentation

Presentation is a must for most people. People may make judgments about the quality of your work according to just your presentation. Students need to present their homework. Teachers use slideshows to facilitate teaching. Businessmen apply them to display reports or work summary... No matter who you are, Edraw is a great toolkit for you to show what you have got. Plus, you can do it with fun. Learn more about this toolkit in Professional Designer for Personalized and Perfect Presentation.

Use Presentation Templates to Get a Jump Start

Edraw has already done the drawing for you. These templates are perfectly designed with beautiful backgrounds, neatly aligned text boxes and title bars. Start with the template to save time. You just need to double click the text boxes and insert your own content.

Browntone 4

More Templates

Free Presentation Templates

Brown Tone Template

Hazy Beauty Template

Blue and White Porcelain Template

Add Charts to Present Data Visually

Sometimes, you need to present stacks of data. Bar graphs, line charts and scatter plots work well with people's abilities. Using them to show your research is quite effective. Adding data using charts in your presentation is simple with Edraw. 11 types of charts can be made from only 1 program. Edraw has simplified the process of charts creation. All chart templates are intelligent. When you enter data in them, they can adjust themselves automatically.


Insert Clipart to Make Presentation Vivid

Sometimes, you got to present unusual, exciting stuff. Edraw has already taken care of this issue, too. More than 8000 vector shapes are embedded in the program. Included are 3D shapes, illustrations and smart shapes with text boxes. These objects will enrich, enhance and empower your presentation.

Insert ClipartInsert Highlight Shapes

Add Hyperlink or Attachment for Easier Navigation and Richer Content

As a versatile toolkit for presentation, Edraw enables users to link slides to another slide, other files as well as webpages. On only one page, you can present limitless content.

Insert Hyperlink

Play Your Slides Flexibly

Click the Full Screen Play Mode tab to start presentation (or press Shift + F5). Your slides look more polished in full screen. What is more, you can directly edit texts during full screen play mode. Thus you can add comments more conveniently. This enables more flexible and interactive presentation.

Amazing Presentation Examples

Here are some exquisite ppt examples that are visually pleasing with inspiring contents. The examples cover a wide range of topics from education to health and marketing. Click the pictures or links to download them for your reference or use them directly if suitable.

Healthy Lifestyle Presentation Example

Healthy Lifestyle Presentation Example

English Learning Skills Presentation Example

English Learning Skills Presentation Example

Marketing Presentation Example

Marketing Presentation Example

Sample Presentation about China

Sample Presentation about China

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