Venn Diagram Guide - Create Venn Diagrams for PowerPoint

A brilliant presentation example of a brief introduction of Venn diagram. Download it for free to learn more about Venn diagram and get some marvelous Venn diagram examples in PowerPoint format.

Sample Presentation - Venn Diagram Guide

Here is an editable presentation example which explains Venn diagram visually. It presents a simple guide about Venn diagram from the following perspectives:

  1. Definition of Venn diagram
  2. History of Venn Diagram
  3. Application and benefits and of Venn diagram
  4. Venn diagram Software
  5. Venn diagram examples

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Venn Diagram Guide

  • Download Venn Diagram Guide Presentation:
    1. pptx format
    2. eddx format

    This slideshow example is free for download and easily editable. Double click the text boxes to replace the content. The shape size, color and background can all be edited easily.

    You can also export the eddx file into PDF, JPG and many other formats. These slides will surely help you deliver wow and help you create Venn diagrams better.

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    Create Venn Diagrams in PowerPoint Format

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    Export Venn as PowerPoint File

    Here is a step-by-step tutorial showing you how to make Venn diagram in PowerPoint format.

    1. Start Edraw.
    2. Double click the icon of Venn Diagram in the Business Diagram group.
    3. Drag a suitable Venn shape onto the canvas.
    4. Edit the shape through the floating button or control point.
    5. Resize the shapes by dragging the selection handles.
    6. Reset diagram style by choosing another theme.
    7. Double click the shape to type in texts.

    To export the diagram as PowerPoint format, do either of the following.

    1. Click the export button in the Quick Access Toolbar on the upper left corner of the program. It is an orange button with a Capital P letter.
    2. Go to File tab, hit Export & Send, Choose Office and then Click PowerPoint.

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