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A versatile cross-platform mind mapping tool.
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Various Shapes for Infinite Diagramming Possibilities

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Posted by James Freeman | 08/25/2020

Visualize Whatever You Imagine

Use pre-drawn shapes/symbols to draw diagram of any kind in the easiest way. Various shapes in large number suit all needs of diagramming.

How to Use Edraw Shapes

All shapes are pre-drawn, meaning they are readily available with no need to draw from scratch. After a template or a shape library is opened, just drag and drop the suitable shapes to the canvas. Some shapes support auto generation and connection so that users only need to click the quick button to add more shapes. You can also copy and paste them. Learn features of these shapes.

Use Pre-drawn Shapes to Draw 200+ Kinds Diagram

Over 200 types of diagrams can be easily made in Edraw since it is an all-purpose diagramming package. The flowchart symbols, mind map shapes and org chart symbols and some charts and graphs solutions offered by Edraw all support auto generation function. Users can generate these diagrams even within 10 minutes with the floating quick buttons.

Motivation Mind Map Resign and Dismission Management Flowchart World  Data Map
Doughnut Chart Example Personality Pie Chart Low Satisfaction Fishbone

Group Several Shapes to Form New Shapes

Edraw offers group function to glue several independent shapes together as one shape. After grouping, you can edit the whole new shape. For example, you can group some ellipses to form a shape looking like petal. Then, you can put several petal shapes together to form a flower. See more in Grouping and Copying Shapes.

Apply Themes

Separate Shapes to Change Shape Style

If a shape consists of several parts, you can separate them as you like. Just select the subpart and move it to the position you want to place it.

separate shapes

Use Various Kinds of Shapes to Draw Creative Diagram

Sometimes, the commonly used diagrams may not be suitable to express your creative ideas. To share your ideas freely, you can design a diagram in your own way. For example, the following diagram use different styles of arrows, circles and ellipses to illustrate science research from 3 perspectives. It is clear, gripping and effective.

Exploration and Discovery

To present one more example, one diagram created by our user is chosen. It is drawn by an English teacher from China. She is very creative to explain new words in this visualized way.

creative diagram


To sum up, with more than 8500 shapes, you can achieve infinite possibilities in diagramming. Edraw will always strive to visualize whatever you can imagine.

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