Simple Steps to Create Value Stream Map for Word

Our value stream map software is the ideal and easy-to-use program to create value stream map for Word which simplifies the process into several mouse clicks!

Value stream map is a representation of the flow of materials from supplier to customer through your organization as well as the flow of information.

Simple Steps to Create Value Stream Map for Word

Creating value stream map for Word with Edraw is quite an easy thing. Just follow below steps and create it right now!

  1. Launch Edraw value stream map software, go to the File menu, click New > Business Diagram, then click the icon of Value Stream Mapping and select a value stream mapping example under Examples menu.
  2. Go back to File menu again, click Export & Send, then select Office > Word format to export the diagram to Word and save it in computer.

And below is the value stream map for Word. This Word format diagram can be also edited, such as changing the shapes,contents, etc.

Value Stream Map for Word

Superior Features of Edraw Value Stream Map Software

Below are handy features of Edraw which make it one of the most popular value stream map software.

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Give Edraw value stream map software a shot. Download and try it for free.

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