How to Use Workflow Diagram Symbols

Presents a group of vector workflow diagram symbols that are ready-to-use. These vivid symbols help you represent the transferring of data, documents and tasks in the work process clearly.

Available Workflow Diagram Symbols

A set of specialized pre-drawn workflow diagram symbols are embedded in Edraw Max. Users can just drag and drop them to analyze workflow, show the information flow, present the responsible people in workflow diagrams. This will help to optimize the process. See some screenshots below.

Work Diagram Symbols

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How to Use Workflow Diagram Symbols

Step 1. Open Workflow Diagram Symbols Library

  1. After you open Edraw Max, you can see there are many available templates.
  2. Move your cursor down to click Flowchart title.
  3. Keep moving the cursor to double click the thumbnail of Work Flow Diagram.
Open Workflow Library

Step 2. Drag & Drop, Copy & Paste Shapes

  1. Just drag and drop workflow diagram symbols you need onto the drawing page. No need to search online & download.
  2. They are fully integratable with MS programs. You can directly copy and paste them into Word, PowerPoint and Excel.
  3. Note: edit the shapes before you copy them to other programs.
Copy and Paste Workflow Symbols

Step 3. Edit Workflow Diagram Symbols

With smart floating action buttons, the symbols can be connected automatically. The auto connection function also supports to align shapes and distribute shapes evenly.

  1. To resize shapes, select the shape and drag the green square handles. Drag them outwards to enlarge shapes and drag them inwards to decrease size.
  2. To recolor shapes, go to the color bar on the bottom of the screen or Fill tool on Home menu.
  3. More flexible adjustments can be done via the floating action button or yellow control handle. See the following table.

Use Workflow Diagram SymbolsUse Workflow Diagram Symbols 2

Free Download Software and View All Vector Symbols

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