Tips to Use Images or Other Visuals

Top tips to help you better use images or other visual materials to enhance communication effect.

Tips to Apply Visual Aids in Communication

Here are some simple yet effective tips to help you prepare for a speech contest. If not used properly, an image will be a distraction instead of an enhancement of communication. If you are not experienced in visual communication, pay attention to the following tips.

  1. Images are just an aid to communication, not its sum or substance.
  2. The purpose of using visual materials is to visualize and simplify concepts. If the image is hard to understand then it is not suitable.
  3. Some images may be ambiguous. Add a caption to explain it when necessary.
  4. Make sure to reference the image properly.
  5. Choose visuals whose colors are coordinated with your slide.
  6. Face and talk to the audience, not the visual aid.
  7. Be prepared to deliver your presentation without visual aids. The projector or other facilities may go wrong. Have a hard copy of your slides.

Good Examples of Using Visuals

Take a look at some excellent examples of using visual materials.

Decrease Stress Mindmap Quote from Audrey Hepburn Skincare Market Trends
Decrease Stress Mindmap Quote from Audrey Hepburn Skincare Market Trends

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