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How to Use PID Ductwork Symbols

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Posted by Akiko | 01/27/2021
Provides various lifelike ductwork symbols. Learn how to use these ductwork symbols through the following simple guide.

Available Ductwork Symbols

You can find a set of specialized symbols of ductwork in Edraw Max as well as Edraw PID Software. They are vector graphics that can be recolored, resized and rotated.

Ductwork Symbols

How to Use Ductwork Symbols

The first step is to open the PID Ductwork library.

  1. Start Edraw.
  2. Select Industrial Automation in the Available Templates pane.
  3. Move the cursor to the right to double click the icon of Process P&ID.
  4. In the Libraries pane, click the title of PID Ductwork.

Open Ductwork Symbols Library

After the library is opened, drag and drop the shapes needed onto the canvas. They are selected by default. See how to edit these symbols in the following table.

Operation Result
Use List Shape Edit List Shapes
Edit List Shapes Edit List Shapes

Move the cursor over the shape to show
the floating menu and change the radius.

Edit List Shapes

Edit List Shapes

Use transition or junction symbol to
connect different pipes.

Edit List Shapes

Edit List Shapes

Recolor ductwork through the color bar
or Fill tool.

Edit List Shapes

Edit List Shapes

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