How to Use Fishbone Diagram Symbols

Check out a detailed guide on how to use smart fishbone symbols. This is an overview of all the symbols that you will use when drawing fishbone diagrams.

Presented on this page is a set of smart vector fishbone symbols. They are vector format and can be edited easily through the attached handles and connection points.

Ultimate Fishbone Diagram Tutorial

Available Fishbone Diagram Symbols

Fishbone Diagram Symbols

Edraw fishbone diagram software has included all necessary symbols for creating fishbone diagrams. By eliminating the drawing skill requirement, making fishbone diagrams become as simple as pie. All you have to do is to drag and drop shapes, connect and format them. See how to use them in the following screenshots.

Use Fishbone Diagram SymbolsEdit Fishbone Diagram Symbols

Fishbone Diagram Examples

By mixing different shapes, you can create various styles of fishbone diagrams. Edraw has designed some amazing fishbone diagram examples as shown below. Click the thumbnail pictures to see large versions or download them.

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