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UML Class Diagram

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/27/2021

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Creating UML class diagram with free templates and examples. UML class diagram has never been easier.

UML Class Diagram

UML class diagram is a type of static structure diagram which describes the static structure of a system. It is used both for general conceptual modeling and detailed modeling. Classes represent an abstraction of entities and associations represent the relationships between classes.

UML class diagram can also be used for data modeling. A UML class diagram describes the object and information structures used by your application, both internally and in communication with its users. It describes the information without reference to any particular implementation. Its classes and relationships can be implemented in many ways, such as database tables, XML nodes, or compositions of software objects.

UML Class Diagram Software

UML Diagram Software

Using Edraw, it's easy to create a UML class diagram to show the static structure of a system. The plenty of pre-made shapes and smart connectors in the library help you get started quickly. Just simply drag and drop the shapes and edit the class name, attributions and operations, then use connectors to show the static relationships between classes. With Edraw's intuitive interface and smart tools, everything could be done smoothly and effectively, no professional drawing skills required. A UML class diagram could be done in just minutes. Once you're done, you can print the diagram or export it to PDF and other graphic formats.
Download UML Class Diagram Software

UML Class Diagram Symbols

Edraw software provides you plenty of special shapes and symbols used in UML class diagrams, class, class 2, class 3, template class, object, item, package, interface, aggregation, dependency, composition, generalization, association, binary link, etc.

UML Class Diagram Symbols

UML Class Diagram Examples

Download this well prepared uml class diagram template to have a quick start, and experience the convenience and happiness of drawing.

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