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Ultimate Six Sigma Matrix Tutorial

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/27/2021
Six sigma matrix tutorial or guide helps you better understand six sigma diagram so that you can make full use of it for good purpose.

Six sigma matrix diagram can be enhanced to show things like the strength of the relationship or the different aspects of the relationship. For instance, you might choose to make a six sigma matrix showing the relationship between all the departments in your organization and the various jobs that need to be completed.

The Definition of Six Sigma Matrix

Six sigma matrix diagram is a tool that illustrates the critical relationships between or among two or more groups. It shows the relationship between two, three or four groups of information. Six sigma matrix diagram also gives information about the relationship, such as its strength, the roles played by various individuals or measurements.

Six Sigma Matrix Diagram

You might choose to make a six sigma matrix diagram showing the relationship between customer demands and various tasks to be done in product development. Six sigma matrix diagram helps you see which tasks are related to what degree. It also allows a group to determine areas of development and process gaps which means you can use six sigma matrix diagram to assign primary responsibility, secondary responsibility and other levels of interest for each task.

Six Sigma Matrix VS QFD

The appearance of six sigma matrix diagram and QFD look quite similar at first glance. QFD, short for quality function deployment, links the needs of the customer (end user) with design, development, engineering, manufacturing, and service functions. QFD methodology can be used for both tangible products and non-tangible services, including manufactured goods, service industry, software products, IT projects, business process development, government, healthcare, etc.

QFD Example

The goal of six sigma can be stated as simple as: "to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control the sources of variations that create defects in the eyes of customers and the business. Six sigma is more than just a metric; it is a project methodology as well. Often QFD is utilized as one of the tools within a six sigma project methodology. The difference between a tool and a methodology is as follows: first, a methodology comprises several steps to achieve an aim using multiple tools; second, a tool comprises a single function, or multiple functions that may be applied in several ways

Example of Six Sigma Matrix

A six sigma matrix diagram is helpful whenever you want to establish pairings between two items, and/or whenever you want to rate an item according to its relationship to another item (or items).

Edraw Six Sigma Matrix Diagram

The above example is product comparison six sigma chart matrix diagram. From the example you can find that Edraw product includes flowchart, org chart, network chart, mind map, UML diagram, file viewer, etc. Also, you can find that Edraw Max is a comprehensive software containing all the chart types mentioned above.

Steps to Draw Six Sigma Matrix

Although it is quite convenient to use six sigma matrix diagram to do analyses, drawing six sigma matrix by hand is kind of difficult. No worries, you can quickly draw a six sigma matrix diagram quickly and correctly with the help of six sigma matrix maker. No let me show you how to do it step by step.

First things first, choose the symbols you like from the six sigma matrix shapes in the library which is on the left of the canvas.

Find Six Sigma Matrix Diagram Shapes

Drag and drop the six sigma matrix shapes you have chosen on the drawing page. On the upper right of the shape you may find a floating button. There are lots of options on the button.

Six Sigma Matrix Diagram Shape Floating Button

You may add or delete a row, a column, set the column number.

If you want to edit the text in the table, double click it, then type your own words.

One thing you should pay attention to is that when you use the dynamic progress symbol, please kindly note that there is floating button where you can set the progress yourself on the upper right of the shape.

Six Sigma Dynamic Progress Floating Button

You can also modify other six sigma matrix diagram features to make it look more attractive.

View Six Sigma Matrix Diagram Symbols

View Six Sigma Matrix Diagram Examples

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