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Ultimate Clipart Guide - Gain Clipart Items Fast for Free

> Edraw Knowledge > Ultimate Clipart Guide - Gain Clipart Items Fast for Free
Posted by James Freeman | 08/09/2021

Over 8000 pieces of free vector clipart and growing constantly.

Welcome to free quality clipart. Every item comes with a choice of image size and format. A friendly license allows users to use thousands of clipart items in vector format.

Definition of Clipart

Clipart, in the graphic arts, refers to the pre-made images used to illustrate any medium. Clipart is used extensively in both personal and commercial projects, ranging from home-printed greeting cards to business cards. Most Clipart today is created, distributed, and used in an electronic form aided by the paperless office strategy. Since its inception, clipart has evolved to include a wide variety of content, file formats, illustration styles, and licensing restrictions. Clipart is generally composed exclusively of illustrations (created by hand or by computer software), and does not include stock photography.

Benefits of Clipart

Visualization nature. Clipart is vivid and expressive. This feature saves much room of words which being more effective.

Ease of use. People who are not familiar with graphic designing programs and are not able to create their own designs find clipart very helpful. Clipart is easy to insert into projects and websites. Clipart is a bitmap or a vector image file and can be easily inserted into any website or work project.

Clipart usually is small in size and it doesn't consume much disk space.

Clipart is a popular decoration form on many sites conveying an emotion without slowing the loading speed of the Web page.

Clipart Resources

Though you are not able to draw, there are many other channels you can find clipart resources. One good way is to get drawing package coming with clipart libraries like Edraw - an inclusive clipart drawing software. Compared to Office PowerPoint, Edraw's Clipart is more various and vivid, covering a wide range of fields. Of course, you can find a lot online and download them for use.

clip art

Easy and Inclusive Clipart Software

Edraw is powerful clipart software that users worldwide keep coming back to again and again, for good reasons. Edraw products are prestigious for unparalleled functionalities and the highest quality. It produces really stunning artwork which is missed by other programs. Have Edraw, have the best clipart collection. Check out the amazing usability of clipart in Clipart for More Vivid Cause and Effect Diagram.

Edraw Max includes more than 6000 pieces of vector clip art to personalize your business diagrams, greetings cards, header paper, flowchart, network diagrams and much more! You need not extra authorization to distribute these clip art in your drawing with Edraw Max.

Clip Art

Download Edraw Software and View All Vector Clipart

Advantage of Edraw's Clipart

One advantage is that, they are available immediately; not much time is spent in developing from scratch or searching on the web for images as clipart is already available with the Edraw software.

Another advantage is that little, if any, extra cost is required, e.g. you would not need a designer or any extra equipment such as scanners to get images onto the presentation.

One more strength is unprecedented ease of use. Edraw's clipart can be open anytime right next to the canvas. Users just need to drag and drop them to the drawing.

Furthermore, flexibility and scalability of Edraw's Clipart are unparalleled. These items are in vector format, supporting to scale up and down from 10% to 400%. Users can easily rotate, resize and recolor the images. It's easy to change the color scheme for Edraw's clipart.

clipart software

How to Create Vector Clipart

There is a set of tools for more drawing needs in Symbols menu. You can design beautiful clipart and any shape by using pencil tool or pen tool.

Pen Tool

*Click Pen Tool icon under Symbols tab to activate pen tool.
*Click on the place you want to start drawing.
*Move the mouse to draw straight lines. Drag to draw curve lines.
*When you are drawing straight lines, click on the place where you want to add an anchor. When you are drawing curve lines, release the mouse to add anchors.
*Click on the starting point again to deactivate pen tool. (A closed shape is drawn in this way.)

pen draw line

*Click on other area and right click to deactivate pen tool. (An open shape is made in such way.)
*Use Move Anchor command to change anchor position.
*Choose Add Anchor to add anchors on the lines of the shape you have drawn. And use Delete Anchor tool to delete anchors you don't need.
*To switch between angle and arc, click Convert Anchor and drag the anchor.


Pencil Tool

Using pencil tool is just like drawing on paper with a real pencil. The path is exactly the way you move the cursor. Click Select icon to close pencil tool.

Application of Clipart

Insert clipart into your presentation, web, report etc. to better visualize and communicate ideas. Check out some marvelous diagrams enriched by clipart below.

Flash Cards Made with Clipart

Worksheet Made with Clipart

Other Diagrams Enhanced by Clipart

Types of Clipart

The followings are links to all types of clipart of Edraw.

Clip Art - Animal

Clip Art - Business

Clip Art - Business Scene

Clip Art - Finance

Clip Art - Food

Clip Art - Flags

Clip Art - Gifts

Clip Art - Office

Clip Art - People

Clip Art - Religion

Clip Art - Professional

Clip Art - School

Clip Art - Technology

Clip Art - Vehicles

Clip Art - Weather

Check out more application of clipart in Tree Diagrams for Presentation, an example of flash card and Application of Profession Clipart.

In a word, you can get high quality clipart items of various objects without hassle for free. You can also use Edraw to draw clipart of your own style easily.

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