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Tree Diagrams for Presentation

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/28/2021
Tree diagram templates and examples for reference and download. Draw your own tree diagrams easily with powerful software to organize and visualize information.


Tree diagram is useful for organizing and visualizing information, especially for categorizing items. This page offers two vector examples as editable templates. Users can download it anytime on any platform to quicken the process of tree diagram creation.

Tree Diagrams for Presentation

Example 1 Animal Categories Tree Diagram

Animal Tree Diagram

From this diagram, viewers can understand the categorization of animals easily and instantly. Since many people are visual learners and some people have short attention span, such visuals will be of great help for dispersing information and imparting knowledge.

Shapes used in this diagram are all predefined, well colored and with selection handles for easy editing. You can resize or rotate shapes by dragging the attached handles. You can also recolor it effortlessly by clicking the color bar.

Example 2 Fruits Categories Tree diagram

Fruits Tree Diagram

From the perspective of flavor, fruits can be separated into acid, sub-acid and sweet fruits as shown by the diagram. It is recommended by nutritionists that, acid fruits should not be eaten combined with sweet fruits. Acid fruits and sweet fruit combined may cause interference which will influence emptying time. So it is advisable not to have three kinds of fruits or more once. If you want to drink fruit or vegetable juice before meals, you had better drink it 30 minutes before dining, otherwise the juice will dilute the stomach gastric juice which is disadvantageous for digestion.

Features of Edraw Charts

The above diagrams are all created by Edraw, an automatic diagramming tool. For the users' convenience and ease of use, its templates are especially designed with the following features.

  1. Selection and control handles allow easier editing of shapes.
  2. Integration with MS programs. All diagrams can be turned into many other formats including PowerPoint, PDF and Word.
  3. One click change of theme which enhances color, line and font instantly.

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