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Traits of Effective Teams

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Posted by James Freeman | 11/25/2020
Effective teams feature some essential traits. See what are these traits below.

Many have heard about a famous legend in ancient China, Zhuge Liang who is known for resourcefulness and wisdom. There is an interesting proverb saying, "Two heads are better than one." That is to say the wisdom of the masse exceeds that of the wisest individuals like Zhuge Liang or Steven Jobs, which is the power of effective team. Such a team often has the following traits.

Common Goals

Meaningful and common goals are the motivation of team. They are also the best way to let team members put aside difference and focus on common interests.

Extensive Collaboration

Teams need to harness the variety and minimize the differences of members, to ensure that expert skills and knowledge are well utilized. Collaboration is a significant factor to increase efficiency. If you want to increase efficiency, especially in the field of diagramming, Edraw is a second-to-none option. Try it for free.

Great Communication

The sharing and understanding of data and information is critical to a team's effectiveness. Sometimes abysmal partner is worse than strong competitor since opponents can urge you to make progress while an awful co-worker may be a drag on you. Effective communication will help team members encourage, help and urge each other for maximized team power.

In terms of communication, Edraw facilitates visual conveying of information which is quite beneficial to boost idea exchange. It offers a handful of visualization solutions including mind map maker, flowchart software, org chart creator, network diagram tool and so forth.

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Suitable Leadership

Skillful leader helps the team maintain its focus on major issues. He or she also enhances communication and collaboration. If leaders focus on relationship building with rightful methods, they can foster trust and rapport. It is also advisable that responsibilities of leadership rotate periodically among the team members.


A team needs different roles to operate well, including leader, information collector, executer, coordinator, promoter, innovator and so on. An effective team agrees on each member's role within the team, and how those roles contribute to the mission or goal of the team. Roles are suited to member's personality and skills. With each role making different contribution, the overall effect will be larger than the sum of all individuals.

Continuous Improvement

In today's supercompetitive world, rapid change is the status quo. The need for continuous improvement and innovation plays an important role in staying ahead. No progress means lagging behind.

All these 6 traits are complementary. The lack of one trait will hinder the other traits in one way or another.

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Traits of Effective Teams

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