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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/28/2021
A mind map sample explores the ways to increase sales used in enterprise training. One can directly use this easily customizable template to create a new mind map through Edraw.

Training Mind Map Examples

Using this ready to use template can save many hours in creating great mind maps. You can download and modify the mind map example for your own use.

Training Mind Map Template

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Mind Map Example - Ways to Increase Sales

1. Accept credit cards
2. Start selling online
3. Increase sales productivity
4. Good quality
5. Target new customers
5.1 Emailing
5.2 Exhibition
5.3 Website building
6. Offer quantity discounts
7. Quote reasonable prices
8. Reduce cost
8.1 Eliminate Non-Performing (Lease) Contracts
8.2 Eliminate Non-Performing Assets
8.3 Eliminate Underutilized Space
8.4 Cancel contracts with non-performing suppliers
8.5 Reduce Energy Costs
8.6 Eliminate Non-Efficient Processes

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