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Simple Steps to Create TQM Diagram for PPT

> Edraw How-To > Simple Steps to Create TQM Diagram for PPT
Posted by Allison Lynch | 01/06/2021
Want to create TQM diagram for PPT? Try Edraw! It is a professional TQM diagramming software to create TQM diagrams for many format!

Creating TQM diagram for PPT with Edraw TQM diagram software is such a easy thing as Edraw supports converting TQM diagram to so many formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, PPT, JGG, PNG, Html, and even Visio.

Steps to Create TQM Diagram for PPT

Creating TQM diagram for PDF can be as easy as a pie with below 4 steps.

  1. Run Edraw.
  2. Go to File menu and open a TQM template.
  3. Click File > Export & Send, then select Office > PPT format.
  4. Browse your computer and choose a location to save your PPT TQM diagram.

Below is the created example of TQM diagram for PPT.

TQM Diagram for PPT

Software to Create TQM Diagram for PPT

Edraw TQM diagram software has so many handy features which can simplify the process of creating TQM diagram for PPT and enable users to be hands-free, and that’s exactly why so many people choose it to create TQM diagrams. Following are part of its features.

  • A mass of various standard TQM diagram symbols and templates are provided for free drag-and-drop.
  • Smart drawing guide enables users to connect, align and space symbols automatically instead of doing those one by one by yourselves.
  • It supports inserting hyperlinks, attachments and notes to TQM diagrams, which can make TQM diagram tidy in visual effect but rich in contents.

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