Guide on Creating TQM Diagram for Excel

Creating TQM diagram for Excel on Edraw TQM diagram software is such a easy thing and this article will show you detailed steps one by one.

Detail Steps to Create a TQM Diagram for Excel

Step 1. Open A Blank Drawing page

Run the Edraw TQM diagram software, navigate to the File menu, click New > Business Diagram, then double click the icon of TQM to open a blank drawing page. Users can also get a quick start opening a ready-made TQM diagram template. If time is limited.

Open A TQM Drawing Page

Step 2. Drag And Drop Shapes

Drag TQM diagram shapes you want from left libraries and drop on the drawing page. Edit them as you wish if necessary.

Drag TQM Shape

Step 3. Add Contents

Double click the shapes to add key information and finish typing by clicking any blank area on the page.

Add Key Contents

Step 4. Connect Shapes

Choose proper connectors to connect shapes from floating button or Connector under Home page.

Connect TQM Shapes

Step 5. Choose A Theme

Switch to Page Layout and select a theme from built-in themes to make the diagram more appealing.

Change TQM Theme

Step 6. Export & Save TQM Diagram

Click Export & Send under File menu, select Office and click Excel to export the diagram to Excel format, then a professional TQM diagram for Excel is finished in minutes.

Export to Excel

Here attached the example for your reference. This Excel TQM diagram is also editable, users can also customize the contents and shapes if any necessity.

TQM Diagram for Excel

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