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Handy Tips for Printing Flyers

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Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/28/2021
Here are some handy tips on how to print an amazing, effective flyer that will stand out.

Tip 1: Make Sure the Flyers Are Valuable to the Readers

Promoting your event or organization is an important aspect of a strong marketing plan. As for flyers, you are reaching out to people who aren't familiar with your event/company so you need to appeal to their interests before self-promoting. Therefore, the reader-oriented strategy works in such occasions. Focus on the benefit you offer the customer instead of hyping up how awesome you are.

Tip 2: Use Medium Sized Flyer Templates

The flyer should be large enough for easy reading since viewers will only turn away if it is too small to read at a glance. But it also might be unwieldy to some of your readers if it is too big. It is best to go for the middle ground in terms of the size of your color flyers.

Here are some well-designed flyers templates for your reference. Just download one that fits for your need and customize it any way you like.

Grand Opening Flyer Flyer Examples Flyer Design Example
Grand Opening Flyer Party Invitation Flyer Flyer Design Example

Tip 3: Use Durable Paper Materials to Print Flyers

Flyers are often posted in public places that are exploded to sun, wind and rain. These factors make flyers very easy to erode. Durable paper materials will ensure longer effect.

Tip 4: Use Infographics to Do Some of the Talking

If you're posting a flyer for an event, don't just say," This event will be fun!" Show people having fun in the design. Make the flyer look like an amazing party and people will get the message loud and clear.

Tip 5: Leave Some Margins

This is necessary from 2 perspectives. Firstly, a flyer with some margins is easier to read and understand. Secondly, this will ensure that the printed flyer will include all of the contents. When there are some defaults with the printer, the contents often fell to be printed in the middle.

Tip 6: Print 1 Copy to Check the Result before Batch Printing

You may have checked the flyer again and again, but mistakes are really hard to avoid sometimes. And the visual effects of designs in your computer and on the paper are somewhat different. As a rule of thumb, don't press batch printing until it is already exactly what you want.

Flyer Templates

Some well-designed flyer templates have been prepared and embedded in our new flyer software. Check them out in the following table. If you like these templates, click the pictures to download their editable versions.

Flyer Template
Flyer Template
Flyer 3
Flyer Teamplate

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