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Tips on Making Visual Slideshow

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Posted by James Freeman | 04/22/2021
How to design slides that rock? Here are some useful tips. Follow these tips and apply a powerful visualization tool with a large amount of vector shapes and diagrams, you can make your visual presentation outstanding.

Keep Slideshow Simple

Less is more. Simple is best. "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take." (Antoine de Saint Exupery) People should get your meaning in 3 seconds. Think about the billboard which is very simple but influential. Slides are complement of your speech, not the contrary. You just need to put key points in the slides.

Use Cool Fonts in Slideshow

Standard fonts are boring and overused. You can do better. In Edraw, you can apply Vector Text, which is clear and creative. Various fonts are available. The vector text can be enlarged without losing clarity. Its color and fill pattern can also be changed quickly, thus adding more power into your text.

Vector Text Style

Make It Your Way

If you are not showing your own ideas, you will feel it hard to find evidence to support the argument. Use your own words and research results so that you can remember them easily, thus enhance confidence and avoid stage fear. Another point of significance is that, personalized style is always a good way to let others remember you and what you want to tell others.

Stunning Visuals are Magic

Let people SEE your message. Use high quality images. Symbols are also powerful. Optimize your presentation with superb visuals, including clipart, charts and other diagrams and so on. Click the hyperlinked titles or picture to gain more resources.

Colors Matter

Make your information beautiful. Use awesome colors that work together. Apply a color regime that works with your topic. Edraw has designed 16 kinds of themes. These themes include coordinated colors working with fonts, line and arrow styles well. Each time you apply themes, the overall style of the diagram changes at one click. This function is under Page Layout menu.


Download Edraw to own all the above mentioned visuals. From now on, you can design creative and attractive visual presentation extraordinarily easily.

Slideshow Examples

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