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An one-stop information centre to learn all about food, including how to use food, viewing free examples and templates, downloading software and much more.
  • Appliances Symbols for Building Plan

    Ready made Appliance Symbols for Building Plan, includes cooker, dishwasher, stacked w/d, combo w/d, television, video game, food cooler and coffee maker.

  • Food Business Card Templates

    Edraw provides a number of ready-made food business card templates.

  • Tree Diagram: Categorization of Foods from the Perspective of Five Energies

    Use tree diagrams to present categorization of objects. Gain free, editable and sharable tree diagrams in vector format. Create tree diagrams as quick as lighting.

  • Vector Food Clip Art, Free Download

    Perfect vector-based clip art drawing software with lot's of food clip art! Easy to draw clipart and free download.

  • Food Pyramid Chart Examples and Templates

    A quality food pyramid chart example made by Edraw is shown below. Users can use this easily customizable template to represent their own pyramid charts.

  • Food Clip Art

    Edraw contains a large variety of vector-based food clip arts available for your designing, including apple, banana, cherry, avocado, durian, coconut, etc., as listed below.

  • Benefits of Fruits

    Fruit is, by far one of the most powerful, body-healing food! The amazing health benefits of fruit cover everything from your brain to the cells in your feet. Find out what are these benefits and how to maximize them here.

  • Mind Maps about Weight Loss

    How can you satisfy your appetite and still keep thin? Here is a solution to help you search the best of both worlds. You can eat abundantly and still lose a lot of weight! The key is not how much to eat, but to eat the right food.

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