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Table Tools

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Posted by James Freeman | 12/02/2019

Table Tools

Beside the useful tools in File, Home, Page Layout, View, Symbols, Help menu, Edraw also design a group of enhanced functionalities for table generation. Most of them resemble MS Excel features. Click here to get familiar with Edraw user interface instantly.

Org Chart Tools

After you insert or select a table, Table menu will pop up automatically after Help menu. Unselect the table to deactivate this menu. Table tools with drop down menu have a triangle button. Click the triangle button to use show more options. Gain a quick master of all these tools from the following visual picture.

Table Tools

The following is a detailed list of these wonderful tools.

  • Insert Above: Add a new row directly above the selected row.
  • Insert Below: Add a new row directly below the selected row.
  • Insert Left: Add a new column immediately to the left of the selected column.
  • Insert Right: Add a new column immediately to the right of the selected column.
  • Delete Rows: Delete the selected Row. Delete Column: Delete the selected Columns.
  • Merge Cells: Merge the selected cells into one cell.
  • Split Cells: Split the selected cell into multiple cells.
  • Width: Show the width of selected cell.
  • Height: Show the height of selected cell.
  • Distribute Columns: Distribute the width of the selected columns equally between them.
  • Distribute Rows: Distribute the height of the selected rows equally between them.
  • Text: Text alignment options.
  • Borders: Customize the borders of the selected cells. Multiple options are contained.
  • Margin: Customize table margin. Options include None, Narrow, Normal and Wide.
  • Insert Symbol: Insert font symbol into selected area (a cell or other area of the canvas).
  • Auto Sum: Simple calculation functions including Sum, Average, Maximum value and minimize value.
  • View more detailed functions from the pictures below.

    Border Options
    Table Tools
    Font SymbolsTable Symbols
    Calculation Functions
    Calculation Functions

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