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Tips to Make Your Marriage Last

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Posted by James Freeman | 01/28/2021
Successful marriages must have some certain elements in common. This passage lists four important factors which weigh much in a lasting marriage.

With divorce rates rising nowadays, more and more people choose to separate when their relationship falls in trouble. But you can still see some couples happily married for 50 years or more. What are the secrets to successful marriage?

Marriage Tips Template

1. Communicate

Many people say that communication is the key to a happy marriage. If you and your spouse do not communicate effectively, you are both likely to experience frustration, anger and resentment. Therefore, lack of communication became a hidden killer that eventually destroy a marriage. In a great relationship couples talk freely, openly, and feel safe sharing their most private thoughts. But there are moments in every marriage when communication comes to a standstill. What to do when things get difficult? Instead of building up resentment and frustration, you'd better talk through situations. Instead of taking sides, belittling one another and yelling, work through your problems together. Instead of saving the contempt of the day to unload on your spouse, save your kindest comments for your spouse. When talking, using a sweet tone can make a big difference. Try to listen, understand and think standing in the other's shoes.

2. Spend Time

Give appreciation, attention and quality time to your partner, whenever genuinely possible. Even if you're busy with your work, children, household chores or social activities, do spare some time for two of you together. Marriage doesn't mean you have to abandon all the romantic tricks when you were in a romantic relationship. One day a week, hire a babysitter and go on a date. Avoid talking about stressful issues such as work, money or kids on your date. Time with each other can reinforce those loving feelings.

3. Accept

This means you have to accept who he/she is. Accept that he is not perfect and never will be. The most stupid thing is trying to change each other, because it always turns to quarrel and fighting. Give up harping about the small issues and look for ways you can adapt, accept, and learn to live with what annoys you.

4. Personal Space

One of the most counterintuitive parts of relationship maintenance is that having space is actually critical to the success of lasting relationships. Sometimes you need an hour or two of alone-time to engage ourselves in something that you absolutely love, whether it's gardening, doing sports, or reading books. Being away from your spouse will help you more appreciate him/her.

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