Star Shapes

Offers a group of star shapes that are in vector format, easily customizable and fully integratable.

Available Star Shapes

Star Shapes

Free Download Diagram Software with Vector Star Shapes

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How to Edit Star Shapes

Included are vector star shapes that are pre-draw and built-in the program so that users just need to drag and drop to use them.

Since they are fully integratable with MS Office, users can directly copy and paste them into PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Drag Star ShapesCopy Star Shapes to Office

Based on users' specific needs, the star shapes can be edited and changed into various styles. As for the dynamic star shapes, you just need to simply click on the floating button to change the vertex number. Along with the green handles and yellow control point, the star shapes are very flexible.

Edit Star ShapesVariation of Dynamic Polygon

Diagrams Enhanced by Star Shapes

Use these star shapes to enhance your diagrams or presentations. See some amazing examples below.

Storyboard Customer Royalty Ladder Story Summary Chart
Storyboard Customer Royalty Ladder Story Summary Chart

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