Snapping and Gluing

Snap behavior in Edraw positions and aligns shapes exactly.

Snapping pulls shapes to one another or to ruler subdivisions, grid (grid: Nonprinting horizontal and vertical lines that appear at regular intervals on the page.), guide lines or shape outline; and pulls control points to shape vertices, connection points or drawing aids so you can control placement and alignment. You can control what types of objects shapes snap to and the snap strength, which is the amount of pull that an object exerts.

By default, shapes snap to both ruler subdivisions and grid lines.

To set snapping options, on the Tools menu, click Snap & Glue, then the Snap & Glue dialog will come up, in the dialog, you can select the option you want.

  1. Ruler subdivisions
  2. Grid

  3. Guide line

  4. Shape outline
  5. Shape vertices

  6. Connection points

  7. Drawing aids

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