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Doughnut and Pie Chart Examples: Mobile Commerce Statistics

> Edraw Example > Doughnut and Pie Chart Examples: Mobile Commerce Statistics
Posted by James Freeman | 06/29/2021
Vector doughnut and pie charts about smart phone use are available, which are editable, printable and sharable. You can also make doughnut or pie charts easily even without any experience aided by automatic charting software.


Since the end of 2013, more people have been using mobile phones than desktop computers to browse the Internet. More and more people will own smartphones. For its usefulness and convenience, smartphone has become an indispensable part of people's life. This has made mobile payment transactions and m-commerce sales forecasts in the US go through the roof. Below are some visual charts presenting some commerce statistics of smartphones.

Mobile Commerce Statistics in Pie & Doughnut Charts

In terms of mobile phone ownership, about half owners are younger than 25. As for smartphone, the age group of 35-34 is the biggest consumer group, with 81% owning a smartphone.

Smartphone Ownership Pie

It comes as no surprise that 41% of smartphone owners purchase through their mobile phones. Here is what they buy on smartphone: travel reservations (17%), garment (16%), food and beverages (15%), toys and games (11%), electronics (11%), home goods (8%), sporting goods (4%), books (4%), jewelry (3%), and other goods (8%).

Mobile Purchase Doughnut

As shown in the chart below, smartphone is very flexible. It is portable and can offer various services so even people on-the-go may need to reach smartphone for help. Its flexibility and convenience have greatly changed people's lifestyle. People's life, work and entertainment will be more colorful and convenient with smartphone.

Smartphone Use Doughnut

Features of Edraw Charts

The above charts are all created by Edraw,automaticchartingsoftware.Fortheusers' convenience and ease of use, its templates are especially designed with the following features.

  • Auto generation of chart by importing data.
  • Auto adding or deleting of categories by clicking the floating action buttons.
  • Auto change of shape after the data is replaced.
  • Selection and control handles allow easier editing of shapes.
  • Richest Countries Chart

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