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Advanced Slide Maker: Gain Slides Faster

> Edraw Diagram > Advanced Slide Maker: Gain Slides Faster
Posted by James Freeman | 06/29/2021
Make attractive slides in easy slide editor that is much better than MS PowerPoint. Download free vector templates for direct usage.

Want to make presentation slides fast and funnily? Still making it with MS PowerPonit which is time and effort-consuming? Try another solution that has automated many steps and offers a large number of templates, which can greatly ease the process.

Advanced Slides Maker Better than MS PowerPoint

Edraw is more advanced in making slides than MS PowerPoint program. As a versatile toolkit for presentation, it is more powerful and convenient for its considerate features.

  1. First and foremost, it offers more templates of various styles than MS.
  2. Secondly, it offers vector predefined shapes which are editable with selection and control handles, floating button and attached text box. Unlike MS PowerPoint, the text box of Edraw's shapes will adjust automatically when the shape is changed.
  3. Last but not least, it supports many formats allowing better collaboration. The slides can be exported into pptx, doc, pdf, jpg formats and so on.

Have a look at its user-friendly interface below.

Slide Maker

Discover why Edraw is an awesome choice for slide maker: Try it FREE.

System Requirements

Works on Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix

Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows

Works on Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Advanced Features of Edraw Slide Maker

  1. Drag and drop interface, point and click editor make it easy, even for non-designers
  2. Get started quickly from hundreds of templates, choose from more than 8000 shapes
  3. Use our extensive image library or upload your own
  4. Limitless customization to make your infographics personalized
  5. Create various kinds of professional infographics, presentations and marketing materials
  6. Publish your creation online or print out in glorious high resolution
  7. Export, share your work in multiple formats (pdf, doc, pptx, etc.)

Use Smart Predefined Shapes to Make Slides

Over 8000 vector shapes are included in the program. When you open a template, the shape libraries are just located next to the canvas. After you open a library, just drag and drop the shape onto the canvas. Drag the attached handles to edit them. Connect them using straight, curved, right-angle or free style connectors. After shapes are connected, they won't separate when they are moved. Double click the shapes to type in your contents.

Connect ShapesConnect Shapes

You can also enlarge and rotate the text box when needed. Add more pages by right clicking the page label on the bottom left corner of the vanvas.

;Change Text Box Change Text Box

To make the slides vivid and beautiful, add some clipart to them.

Open the Background library and drag one background that matches your slides onto the canvas.

Print: When the slides are done, it's easy to print and share them with more people. On the File menu, point to Print to set for print options. You can change settings with a few clicks and see the print preview in real time.

Export: Edraw offers support for exporting your diagram to various formats, including Microsoft Office, PDF, and many other graphic formats. On the File menu, point to Export & Send for Export options.

Tip: The exported pptx format slides or doc format documents are also editable, allowing flexible modifications.

For more detailed information, refer to page Create premier presentation in a breeze to better share your discovery.

Slide Templates and Samples

To ease the design process, some ready-made templates are provided. So you don't need to start from scratch. Download these templates, make some modifications as you like and be ready to impress your audience and deliver wow.

New Sprout PowerPoint Template Tree Leaves PowerPoint Furniture
Balls Pencil Blue and White Porcelain

Tips for Good Slides

Keep it simple and clear.

Remember that your slides are perfect when there is nothing to take away but not when there is nothing to add. Your audience may get impatient when the slides are hard to understand.

Take advantage of infographic to visualize ideas.

Visual learners will prefer pictorial slides than plain text.

Color matters.

It is advisable to apply bright color to highlight the main idea but make sure that the colors go together. Avoid colors that are too bright and displease eyes.

Use high quality graphics.

If the graphics or images are blurry, no reader will bother opening his eyes wide to read it.

Apply appropriate charts to present data.

When you need to show figure, analyze them to support your argument otherwise the numbers means nothing for the audience. There are many kinds of charts that can help you display numeric information clearly in an understandable way.

Pie Charts Pie Chart Star Used to show percentages. Limit the slices to 4-6 and contrast the most important slice either with color or by exploding the slice. View some vector pie chart examples.
Column Charts Wedding Cost Column Chart Suitable for showing changes in quantity over time or comparison of different categories. It works best with 4-8 bars. Refer to some featured column chart examples.
Bar Charts PDF Bar Chart Template Good at comparing quantities. For example, comparing figures between four different countries. You may like Edraw's ready-to-use bar chart examples.
Line Charts Line Chart Example Used to demonstrate trends. For example, a simple line chart can show that the sales keep going up. The trend is good. When presenting, show an uprising arrow later to underscore the point: The future looks good! Check out some creative and attractive line graph templates.

Edraw can generate all of the above charts automatically. One nice and novel chart needs less than 5 minutes.

More Kinds of Diagrams to Make Slides Shine

Mind Map: Clarify ideas, boost brainstorming and show logical relationship.

Flowchart: Depict the natural and logical flow or process step by step from top to bottom, left to right or the opposite.

Gantt Chart: Allow viewers to see at a glance about what the activities are, when each activity begins and ends, how long each activity is scheduled to last, where activities overlap with other activities and by how much the start and end date of the whole project.

Timeline: The pictorial presentation of a chronological sequence of events along a line that equips a viewer to understand temporal relationships quickly. Learn more diagram types to empower your slides with beauty, clarity and originality.

To sum up, Edraw is an advanced slide maker with many automatic functions. With various diagrams it can generate, you can surely achieve impressive slides with infographics to stand out from the crowd.

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