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Better Sleep Mind Map Examples and Templates

> Edraw Example > Better Sleep Mind Map Examples and Templates
Posted by Chelsea Yang | 01/28/2021
Below is a mind map sample of how to have a better night sleep drawn with Edraw mind map software. Users can easily represent any existing mind map using this customizable template.

Better Sleep Mind Map Example

Better Sleep Mind Map template can save many hours in creating great mind map by using built-in symbols right next to the canvas. You can download and modify this mind map template for your own use.

Better Sleep Mind Map Template

Download Better Sleep Mind Map Templates in PDF Format

Download Better Sleep Mind Map Templates in Editable Format

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Mind Map Example - Ways to have a better sleep

1. Environment
1.1 Dim the lights.
1.2 Make your bed comfortable.
1.3 Adjust the temperature.
1.4 Avoid mosquito bites.
2. Timing
2.1 Establish a bedtime routine.
2.2 Aim for about seven hours of sleep.
3. Preparation
3.1 Exercise regularly.
3.2 Listen to smooth music.
3.3 Take a shower before bed.
3.4 Take a power snap during the day.
3.5 Set a kinder, gentler alarm.
4. Never
4.1 Overeat before sleep.
4.2 Drink caffeine before sleep.
4.3 Nap in the late afternoon.
4.4 Drink too much fluids before sleep.
4.5 Work before sleep.

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