User Story - Helping Others with Visuals is a Good Feeling

A real story about how visuals can let you share ideas and help others, which is a good feeling.

Introduction to Visualization

Visualization can benefit people's life in many aspects. Its ability to structure information in an intuitive way help people understand and retain information easily, making work, study and entertainment effective, funny, enjoyable.

Emily is a Chinese SEO Editor who is responsible for the SEO of her company's English websites. She says she would love to share her experience of using visuals.

Emily's Story

To improve her webpages, she pays attention to not only the content but also the structure and appearance. Therefore she often creates some diagrams in Edraw to visualize ideas and attract more visitors. Emily told us, "Edraw can really save me tons of time and energy. I used to spend a lot of time in diagramming but cannot get what I want. Thanks to Edraw, I am at ease right now."

Emily's company websites cover a wide range of topics. When she finds out that the webpages she created can help others, she will post the links in FaceBook. For example, many people love China and are interested in learning Chinese so she shares her diagrams about learning Chinese through infographics. Many people love these articles. She said happily, "It is really a wonderfully good feeling to improve my work and help others at the same time."

If your are also interested in China, the following diagrams and links may be helpful.

Tourist Attractions Map

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Learn Chinese through Pictures

Infographics about China (Org Chart, Timeline, Map)

Information Visualization

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