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Posted by James Freeman | 02/04/2021
A clear display of Edraw shapes feature through vivid illustrations. Use pre-drawn shapes/symbols to draw diagram of any kind in the easiest way.

To get straight to the point, the followings are features that make Edraw's pre-drawn shapes great.

Large in Number

A large ever-expanding collection of shapes suit any need of diagramming, with over 8500 pieces. More than 200 kinds of diagrams can be generated with these shapes. Check out some sample diagrams drawn with these shapes in the table below.

Be a Good Teacher Brainstorming Highlight Flowchart World  Data Map
Smartphone Use Doughnut Personality Pie Chart Reading Interest Fishbone


All pre-drawn shapes are already built in the program. After you install Edraw, there is no need to download or insert before use.


Just drag and drop or copy and paste any shape you like. Predefined shapes eliminate the drawing requirement, enabling even novices to gain professional-level diagrams. Attached text boxes can adjust themselves automatically, making it easier to support text.

drag and drop clip art

Wide Application

These shapes can be applied in various fields, including but not limited to the following cases.

  1. Decorate your slideshows with shapes.
  2. Visualize your ideas with shapes to design websites.
  3. Use shapes/symbols in your school assignments and projects.
  4. Use shapes/symbols in your product brochure.
  5. Use shapes/symbols for both personal and noncommercial uses.
  6. Apply shapes/symbols to advertise your products or services.
  7. Apply shapes/symbols to design a company logo.
  8. Apply shapes/symbols to illustrate topics of an article.
Flexibly Scalable

The clip art is in vector format. You are able to scale to size between 10% and 400%, without loss of display resolution. No blurred images anymore.

zoom in vehicle clip art

Easily Editable

Reshape, resize or rotate the vehicle clipart easily through the selection or control handles. Some shapes are smart shapes with floating action button. Tey can be edited more easily with just point and click.

Enlarge Shape

 />Floating Menu
Optics Software Symbols 4

Color Changeable

Change the color of the whole picture at 1 click or select only one part to recolor it.

recolor vehicle clipart


Support both paperless usage and printing.


Separate 1 clipart picture into several parts to form new images.

separate clip art

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