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Selecting a Shape or Multiple Shapes

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Posted by Allison Lynch | 02/04/2021
An easy user guide on selecting a shape of multiple shapes

Select Shapes

To work with a shape, you first select it on the drawing page, and then perform your task: apply formatting, move the shape, align it, or add text, for example.

Click to Select

  1. Click the Select tool on the Home tab and then point to the shape on the drawing page you want to select.
  2. When the pointer turns into a four-headed arrow, click the shape.

Tips: Hold down SHIFT or CTRL while clicking shapes to select multiple shapes one at a time.

Using the Area Select

Place the pointer above and to the left of the shapes you want to select, and then drag to create a selection net around the shapes.

After you select the shapes, you'll see green selection handles around the shapes you selected and magenta lines around the individual shapes. The primary shape has a thick magenta outline. Press TAB key to switch it.

Deselect One or More Shapes

If you inadvertently include more shapes in your selection than you want, you can easily deselect one or more shapes.

  1. To deselect all shapes: Click a blank area on your drawing.
  2. To deselect one shape when several are selected: Press Shift or Ctrl key and click a shape to cancel its selection.

Using the Multiple Select Tool

With the Multiple Select tool you can add shapes to your selection. This tool gives you control over defining the primary shape.
For example, if you have shapes that are spaced close to one another, you can click a shape to make it the primary shape and then click additional shapes to add them to the selection.

On the Home tab, in the Basic Tools group, click the down arrow under the Select tool, and then click the Multiple Select tool.

Click each shape you want to select.

The first shape you select is outlined with a thick magenta box and all the other shapes are outlined with thin magenta lines.

Note: When you use the Multiple Select tool and drag the mouse around shapes, the pointer acts like the Area Select tool.

Select by Type

Select all of a particular kind of object. Then you can set the format for the kind of shapes easily.

You can easily select all of a particular type of object, such as shapes, groups, or guides:

On the Home tab, in the Basic Tools group, click the Arrow under the Select tool.

Select by Type

Click the Select by Type in the pop up menu, and then check the type of object that you want to select, such as shapes, groups, or guides.

Select Type Dialog

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