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School Clip Art

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/05/2021

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Edraw contains a large variety of vector-based school clip arts available for your designing, including books, knowledge, schoolwork, aisle, campus, fun, playtime, etc., as listed below.

School Symbols

The following school clip art templates contain some school vector shapes such as books, knowledge, schoolwork, scratchpad, prepare for lessons, broadcast, campus mail box, campus, aisle, teaching building, etc. Moreover, you may learn how to create funny illustrations here.

free download

free download

Features of School Symbols

  1. Easy to use - just drag and drop onto canvas, copy and paste to other programs
  2. Easily editable - easy to resize and rotate
  3. Highly scalable - zoom in and out freely
  4. Color changeable - change color at 1 click
  5. Flexibly separable - can be separated to form new shapes

Application of School Symbols

Apply these symbols to enrich your diagram. For exmple, use some of these symbols to make flash cards for fun learning and teaching. See some examples below.

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People Solutions

Finance Solutions

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