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Sales Funnel Management

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Posted by James Freeman | 07/28/2021
Strong sales funnel management enables sales managers to implement more powerful sales analytics, produce more accurate forecasts and put you in control of your sales results.

About Sales Funnel Management

A sales funnel visually represents how a sale proceeds in a linear fashion from customer awareness to customer action. Therefore, managing your sales funnel is crucial to your business. A well managed sales funnel will get all of your sales efforts well organized.

Sales Funnel Management

Here are some important elements of sales funnel management:

  • Sales Funnel Conversions
  • Time spent in each stage
  • The shape of the funnel

Four Biggest Mistakes in Managing Your Sales Funnel

To manage a sales funnel effectively, we should avoid some mistakes in managing a sales funnel.

  • No balance between lead generation
  • Focusing on CRM technology instead of your sales process
  • Not getting proper sales training
  • Not measuring each stage of your sales funnel


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Effective Sales Funnel Management

Following are some tips for managing a sales funnel effectively.

One: remove unnecessary objects

It is important to ensure that no leads move horizontally within the funnel. Instead, they should be able to move sideways.

Two: target qualified leads

Recognize qualified and unqualified leads and have all qualified leads in a pool to target so that the sales team will end up spending time, effort and resources into targeting unpromising prospects.

Three: use a CRM to manage your sales funnel

CRM technology can be a valuable tool to help you keep track of the specific information associated with each potential customer.

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