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Edraw Sales FAQ

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Posted by James Freeman | 02/19/2021
Frequently asked questions about Edraw sales questions for Edraw diagram software and Edraw Office components.


  1. Where can I get the price details of Edraw products?
  2. Can I get an educational discount?
  3. Does the price include sales tax and VAT (value added tax) fees?
  4. What is the upgrade policy?
  5. Do I have to buy two licenses if I want to use Edraw on my two computers?
  6. What is your tax exemption policy?
  7. How to do if I have not received my program?
  8. What's the difference between trial version and full version?
  9. Is it safe to purchase product from your website?
  10. What payment method do you accept?
  11. How can I know my order is processed successfully?

License Code

  1. I lost my license code. How to get it back?
  2. What's the difference between site license and single user license?
  3. What is included with my product license?


  1. How to switch my product to Edraw Max?
  2. What can I do if I ordered wrong product?
  3. Can I refund the product not fit my needs?
  4. What shall I do if I failed to order from Online Store?


  1. How to get the invoice?
  2. How to get a CD copy?
  3. What's your policy if I want to become your reseller?
  4. Where can I find your resellers?
  5. How do I enter a shipping address?
  6. Should I put spaces or dashes in the Credit Card number?
  7. Why are you not accepting my credit card?

About Edraw MindMaster

  1. What features can I get from Edraw MindMaster free version?
  2. What features can I get from Edraw MindMaster pro version?
  3. How to Subscribe Edraw MindMaster Monthly or Annually?
  4. Can I Purchase a Perpetual License Instead of Subscribing?
  5. How to Activate MindMaster When You Purchased a Perpetual License?

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