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Creating ROOM diagram with free templates and examples. ROOM diagram has never been easier.

ROOM (Real-time Object-Oriented Modeling) diagram is a kind of diagram based on timelines, dynamic internal structure, reactiveness, concurrency and distribution. The actor or the software machine is the central component of the ROOM method.

ROOM diagrams illustrate both the structural and behavior aspects of the actor as well as interfaces between actors. You can use ROOM diagrams in conjunction with the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

ROOM Diagram Software

ROOM Diagram Maker

Edraw helps new and experienced users create Room diagram easily. It has a large collection of pre-made shapes and examples, allowing you to drag and drop any shape you want. You can also hand-draw or adjust the shapes using smart drawing pens according to your need. It's easy to format the style and colors by using Edraw automated tools. Adding photos and images is easy too. It's definitely worth a try because it could greatly save your time and energy.
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ROOM Diagram Symbols

Edraw software includes many special shapes and symbols used in ROOM diagrams, actor class, actor reference, binding, layer or export, state context, state, transition, transition points, choice point, transition to history, group transition, and internal self-transition.

ROOM Diagram Symbols

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